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Nassau's Best Way to Go!

We're growing!

New service in the Syosset area starting in July.


Syosset Map / Hours (coming soon)

How To Ride


Get the App for iPhone or Android

No smartphone? No problem!

Call 516-228-4173 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm to book or schedule your ride.


Enter Your Trip Details

Heading to dinner or the LIRR station?

Check the Maps above to see where MINI can take you.


Wait for Pick Up & Be On Your Way!

Thanks for riding, we hope to see you again soon!

What's MINI?

Up to 4 additional MINI Lines are planned to open across Nassau County over the next 3 years.
Stay tuned for more details.

Launched in June 2022, MINI is an on-demand rideshare system that extends Nassau County's transit network with frequent, convenient service to the places you want to go.


  • What is MINI?
    MINI is an on-demand ride service in Nassau County, NY. Customers can book, order, and pay for a ride in minutes with a smartphone or by calling 516-228-4173 Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm. MINI is a shared ride service, so trips may be shared with other customers. On MINI Syosset, trips may be shared with paratransit customers.
  • When did MINI start?
    MINI service launched on June 6, 2022 along the South Shore.
  • How is MINI different than the bus?
    With MINI, stops and schedules are not set like they are with the bus. If you're in a MINI line service area, simply enter your starting point, destination, when you want to leave, and let the app do the rest! Your MINI will arrive shortly to pick you up.
  • Can I schedule a ride in advance?
    Yes. You can either request a ride on-demand (right now), or schedule to be picked up or dropped off at a future time. Beginning at 6:00AM each day, you can schedule a ride for later in the day. (The ability to book a few days ahead is coming soon!)
  • Does MINI connect to NICE Bus?
    Yes, MINI connects to several NICE Bus lines along the South Shore, and you can transfer for free to/from the bus. If traveling MINI to Bus, we recommend planning your MINI arrival at least 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to pass by.
  • What are the other locations of the future MINI lines?
    The second MINI zone will launch in the Syosset area in Summer 2024. If you'd like MINI in your neighborhood, drop us a note below!
  • Can I pay for MINI with OMNY?
    Not currently. We'll have more information to share on this soon. For now you can pay your MINI fare with a credit card, a MetroCard or coins.
  • Why didn't MINI drop me off at the front door of the store I was going to?
    In many parts of the MINI zone, pick-ups and drop-offs are "snapped" to a NICE Bus stop, MINI stop, or nearby intersection. This makes it easier for the rider and driver to find one another, and keeps MINI moving efficiently for everyone onboard.
  • Where do I go for more help?
    If you still have questions, drop us a note below.

To/from an intersecting NICE Bus Route


Pay with:
• MetroCard

• Coins

• Credit/Debit (pack of 4+ rides with NICE MINI / GoMobileTransit apps)

Regular Fare


Trip Planning

with Transit?

If MINI is recommended for part or all of your journey, just tap the link to go directly to the MINI app to book your ride!

Free Transfer

Seamless Travel


Future Lines



Reduced Fare

For more on fares, see the Fares & Passes page of



Single Ride E-Ticket

Credit/Debit price via apps above


Learn More

The MINI fleet is 100% accessible for customers who use a wheelchair or mobility device.


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